Philip Kent

University Librarian

Bachelor of Arts (UQ); Grad Dip Lib Sc (QUT); MBA (UQ) 

Philip is responsible for leading the University Library to ensure that the Library’s collections, spaces and staff can provide the best possible experience to our students, staff and the wider community.  He is eager that the Library is vital the University’s achievement of the bold Sydney 2032 strategy.

“Sydney is a very special institution that has great potential to change the world. I love working with smart people, enthusiastic students and the ambitious University leadership to ensure Sydney is a world class institution.”

Pronouns: he/him


Lisa McIntosh

Director, Access Services and Deputy University Librarian

Bachelor of Arts (Library and Information Studies), University of Canberra

In her role, Lisa oversees Library collections, library systems and digital services, research support, copyright, and Sydney University Press. Her key driver is enhancing the Library’s support for the University’s information access, research dissemination and translation agenda.

“Being in a position to provide stewardship and access to collections of such breadth and uniqueness is a privilege and always interesting.  I also enjoy seeing the expertise of our staff in supporting research and education endeavours and how it gives us a strong sense of value, purpose, and connection to the mission of the University.”


Michael Arndell

Director, Site Services

Bachelor of Arts, Charles Sturt University; Associate Diploma, Library Practice, TAFE NSW

Michael leads the Library’s Site Services division which manages frontline information services, the Library’s physical environments and informal study spaces across multiple sites, and the Library’s student experience programs. Site Services works with a range of university student support services to enhance the student experience and promote academic success. 

“I enjoy working with University leaders to develop programs and environments to enable our students to thrive. Post-COVID, there is a fantastic opportunity to revitalize our campuses and our in-person services, and the Library is key to this work.“ 

Pronouns: he/him


Antonia Mocatta

Director, Central Services

Doctor of Business Administration (UON), MBA (SCU), MA (MDX), BA Fine Arts (WITS)

Antonia leads the Central Services Division which oversees the Library’s business operations and provides operational enablement services to the other divisions, allowing them to focus on client support. Central Services manages the Library’s finances, strategy implementation, analytics and reporting, quality and compliance, and project management; as well as leading Library communications, engagement, and events. Antonia has also taken the lead on the Library’s Diversity and Inclusion strategic programs.

“l thoroughly enjoy the scope of this role where a typical day might range from financial forecasting to planning a valuation of rare books. My deep involvement in the Library’s diversity and inclusion program and knowing that our work has made a genuine difference to clients feeling welcomed, safe, and respected is incredibly rewarding.”

Pronouns: she/her


Amy Allenspach

Associate Director, Quality Innovation and Planning

Bachelor of Arts (Charles Sturt University), Master Library Information Science (Charles Sturt University)

Amy leads the teams that coordinate operational data collection and reporting, strategic planning, implementing quality frameworks, finance and bequest management, data governance, and project management. These teams enable effective Library operations, providing expert advice on business processes and support to all Library divisions. 

“I enjoy being a part of such a dynamic and collaborative team that gets to contribute to a wide variety of projects, innovations and developments across the Library, no two days are ever the same. I also enjoy being a part of a culture where our shared values are the centre of everything we do.” 

Pronouns: she/her


Kathryn Cass

Associate Director, Learning Spaces and Services

Bachelor Arts (Hons), University of Sydney; Graduate Diploma in Applied Science, Charles Sturt University

In this role, Kathryn leads the team that improves student experiences by providing innovative, student centered learning spaces and services. Her team collaborates with a wide range of groups to: deliver the Library’s makerspaces (ThinkSpace and CreateSpace), informal learning spaces and the Peer Learning Advisor team; develop a program of exciting events (such as the Library’s welcome and ‘exam ready’ programs); and work with students as partners to continuously improve our spaces and services. 

“Driven by my passion in providing equity of access to information for all, what I love most about this role is the opportunity to work with so many different parts of the University and wider community to implement innovative and exciting spaces and services that improve the experience of all of our students. Every day is different, filled with amazing ideas, working on great projects and meeting fabulous people!”


Sarah Graham

Associate Director, Publishing and Data Services

Bachelor of Arts (Victoria University of Wellington), Master Library and Information Science (Victoria University of Wellington)

Sarah oversees various projects and systems that create the digital foundation for the Library's services and resources. Digitising and creating digital collections make it possible to access rare and special materials online, ensuring their availability for future generations. Open Access enhances the visibility and accessibility of research. Digital Services play a crucial role in almost all aspects of Library functions, including maintaining the Library's website. Sydney University Press brings book projects to life.

“I have undertaken a range of roles in academic libraries, but supporting the research community is my particular passion.  I also love that so much of what we do is professional storytelling. Storytelling forms the essence of libraries, whether it involves preserving and making available digital collections for future generations, designing digital experiences, or amplifying the work of researchers through publication.”

Pronouns: she/her


Kristna Gurney

Associate Director, Site Services

Kristna leads the Library’s frontline service teams overseeing the delivery of high-quality services and spaces that enhance the learning, teaching, and research experiences for the University community. This encompasses client engagement, unit of study resources, stakeholder engagement, and process improvement to create a conducive and innovative environment within the Library's Site Services.

Kristna’s teams coordinate services at Fisher Library, Herbert Smith Freehills Law Library, SciTech Library, Susan Wakil Health Building Library and the Conservatorium Library, as well as the virtual LiveChat service.

“I love connecting with people, both through my team and through the clients we serve. Providing access to the best quality information is at the heart of what my team strive to deliver, and I enjoy supporting them to deliver a holistic experience to clients in our spaces.”



Nancy Li

Associate Director, Information Resources

Master of Librarianship, UNSW; Graduate Diploma in Information Management, UNSW

Nancy leads the information resources team and the metadata services teams. She is responsible for Library collections management, acquisition, evaluation, and discovery.

"I enjoy this role due to the constantly changing academic library collections landscape.  I have worked in various areas of academic libraries including managing cataloguing, frontline information services, special collections, and electronic resources.  I am excited when I can increase efficiency in large scale collections management and implement various acquisition methods to provide resources to support the University’s research and teaching."

Pronouns: she/her


Liz Litting

Associate Director, Research Education

Bachelor of Arts (Communication), Charles Sturt University; Master of Arts (Information and Knowledge Management), University of Technology Sydney

Liz leads the teams responsible for developing the Library’s models for education and research services, including how we support students develop critical information and digital literacy skills that will take them beyond their assignments and into their professional lives. She also leads the Rare Books and Special Collections team in promoting engagement with our most unique historical and cultural treasures. 

“I love seeing the buzz everyone, but especially students, get when they engage with material from our rare and special collections. Whether it’s the first edition of Isaac Newton’s Principia, Virginia Woolf’s personal copy of her debut novel, a single fragment from Shakespeare’s First Folio, or a drawing of a cat by Ada Lovelace - there’s something magical about getting up close and personal with objects that connect us to people and places of the past.” 

Pronouns: she/her


Edward Luca

Associate Director, Academic Services

Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Information & Media), University of Technology Sydney; Master of Business Administration, University of Technology Sydney

Edward leads the teams of librarians providing education and research services to the faculties and University schools. In education, we work with academics to develop the information and digital literacy skills of their students, including finding, evaluating and using information. In research, we help academics to find evidence to demonstrate the impact of their research, and provide advice on research metrics, strategic publishing and open access.

“Our connection to the academic community means that we get the opportunity to work with incredible researchers and educators every single day. We work on projects and initiatives that help to raise the profile of the University and our research, and ensure that our students have the skills needed to succeed in a changing world.”

Pronouns: he/him


Katrina McAlpine

Associate Director, Publishing and Data Services

Bachelor of Arts (Ancient History), Macquarie University; Master of Arts (Information and Knowledge Management), University of Technology Sydney

Katrina leads the teams responsible for the digital foundations of the Library’s collections and services, ensuring students and academics can access critical resources and support for learning, teaching, and research. Digital Collections deliver global online access and long-term management for research theses, open access publications, and unique collection materials and through digitisation and platforms. Digital Services drive crucial and innovative infrastructure, underpinning almost all Library service.

“I enjoy working at the intersection of technology and collections, focusing on new ways of engaging with materials and services while ensuring a strong foundation and considerations for the long-term. The role of academic libraries only becomes more critical and I love leading teams in ensuring continued access to information and valued services for our clients.”

Pronouns: she/her


Belinda Norman

Associate Director, Workforce and Engagement

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) University of Sydney; Graduate Diploma in Commerce – Information and Library Management UNSW

Belinda leads the workforce and engagement team which focuses on staff and organisational development, and communications and engagement with the Library’s communities. The workforce and engagement team works collaboratively across the Library and with external partners to build an empowered and engaged Library culture and to connect meaningfully with client communities.

“I enjoy using participatory approaches to connect our client communities with our physical and digital Library spaces; to connect Library staff with each other and our common purpose; and through these activities help create meaningful places to work and study.”

Pronouns: she/her


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