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Upgrade to Unit of Study reading lists

The Library will be making an enhancement to the delivery of Unit of Study reading lists through Leganto, an easy to use and powerful new platform

Project overview

In 2021, the Library will be making a considerable enhancement to the delivery of Unit of Study reading lists. These will be moving to Leganto, a module accessed through Canvas, which will provide an improved user experience, greater integration with resources and better support for online learning for academics and students.

Students will be able to access reading lists on the new platform from Semester 1, 2021. As a part of the implementation phase, the Library will conduct thorough consultation and training for University staff and students prior to this date. More information will follow about how to access training and development.

Advantages of the new platform

The enhanced Unit of Study reading lists will provide an improved user experience, greater integration with resources and better support for online learning for academics and students. It will be accessed through Canvas.

As an academic, you can expect:

  • Faster processing and more control; enabling you to create and maintain lists when it suits you.
  • Greater clarity of the status of your lists and continued support from the Library in list processing.
  • An intuitive interface, making it easier to roll your lists over to the next semester.
  • Increased access to Library services to support updating your Unit of Study reading list to support the student experience.
  • Improved analytics on usage of course materials to assess student engagement.

As a student, you can expect:

  • Easier access to the books, journals, articles you need for your course.
  • A simple, user-friendly interface, accessible through Canvas.
  • Remote access to required readings and 24/7 availability.
  • Ability to interact and exchange ideas and thoughts in real time via a chat service inside the reading list interface.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How will the new platform help me with my lists?
    A: Academics can build, maintain, and share resource lists that include all material types. Students will access all course materials in one place and from any device.
  • Q: How does this impact you as an academic?
    A: Your current and archived lists will be migrated over to Leganto from our current system by Library staff. You will still be able to manage your own lists, submit new lists and make changes to current lists, or the Library can assist you with this process. We expect that you’ll enjoy the new interface and find it easier to locate and add material.
  • Q: How do I make changes to material on my Unit of Study reading lists?
    A: The Library will provide training and support for a successful transition to the Leganto platform.
  • Q: Will I lose my Unit of Study reading lists already submitted to the Library?
    A: We are working hard to ensure that your lists are well looked after and carried over to the new system. Your lists will be easier to engage with and the material will be there, ready to go when you are.
  • Q: Can I manage my own reading list?
    A: Absolutely! This is one of the main advantages of the new platform. You can initiate a simple reactivation of a reading list from a previous semester or develop an original reading list. This will also allow you to share your list more quickly and easily with students.
  • Q: Does this change impact course readings for Semester 2, 2020?
    A: There have been no changes to the Unit of Study processes or delivery of services for Semester 2, 2020.
  • Q: Will Leganto be very different to the current system?
    A: While there will be some visual and workflow changes for course coordinators, the experience will be more intuitive and straightforward.
  • Q: How can I provide feedback to the Library?
    A: The Implementation Group welcomes feedback and input and are happy to hear from you. Please contact Kriselda Samson, Digital Projects and Programs Manager, Access Services.
  • Q: Will the Library provide training in the new system?
    A: Yes, the Library will provide several opportunities to receive training. As these opportunities become available, they will be promoted through formal communications on the ‘Status Updates’ section of this page. You can also contact Michael Arndell directly if you would like to know more.
  • Q: Are there videos or information online I can access?
    A: Here are some helpful links to get you started on what the system looks like:

    Leganto Reading List management system
    Leganto overview


  • June 2020
    Project kick off. After a review of current services, the University of Sydney Library agrees to migrate to Leganto to deliver Unit of Study reading support.
  • July 2020
    Library staff Project Implementation Groups start to plan, test and implement the migration of data, and configuration of workflows across all functional areas.
  • August 2020
    Library staff work with subgroups to learn about what workflows and processes can be adapted or require development for both users of the Library and Library staff.
  • October 2020
    The Library formally commences migration and implementation with Leganto vendor Ex Libris and aims to complete set up by mid-December. Pilot groups have been identified and will be contacted to receive training and support.

    Training is being developed and will be communicated and accessible prior to and throughout Semester 1, 2021.
  • November 2020
    The Library has contacted a range of Unit Coordinators to participate in the Leganto Summer Intensive Pilot group. Identified academics will be supported by the Library throughout their Intensive Unit and their experience will help shape future training and support provided by the Library for the University-wide roll out in February.

    Canvas and Leganto have been successfully integrated. Academics and students can expect to access their reading lists directly through Canvas from Semester 1, 2021.

    The Library is currently reviewing copyright requirements and workflows, ensuring Unit of Study reading lists align with University copyright obligations.

    A Leganto online guide is being developed for step-by-step use of Leganto, making it easier for academics to create, copy, and curate reading lists.
  • February 2021
    The Summer Intensive pilot group started January 7 and is coming to a close with selected academics from Law and the Faculty of Arts and Social Science. The Library is requesting feedback from members of the pilot (both academics and students) to consider before launching to University wide.

    Communication has been sent to Academics regarding where, when, and how to receive training in the Leganto in preparation for Semester 1, 2021. Academics and Unit of Study Coordinators are able to receive on demand support via LiveChat from 25 January to Academics. A Leganto Libguide is also available to support Academics. To learn about Unit of Study Reading lists, please visit the Library’s Unit of Study support page.

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