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VII. Major Benefactions


Throughout its history the Library has attracted many thousands of donations of books and funds. Among the most significant are:

1878 Thomas Walker - library of Nicol Stenhouse

1884 Thomas Fisher - bequest "for establishing and maintaining a library"

1887 Sir Charles Nicholson - collection of books and early manuscripts

1959 William H Deane - collection of rare books and two endowment funds

1960 Andrew D Osborn - numerous collections of books and two endowment funds

1972 Kathleen Laurence - bequest for a biological sciences library

1977 Edward Richardson - Handel collection

1979 Anthony Gilbert - endowment fund

1979 Ronald Graham - science fiction collection

1979 Professor Walter Moore - collection of rare books in the history of science

1992 Dr Eric Edwards - bequest for the collection

1993 Charlotte McGuffog - bequest for the Library

1995 Barbara Browning - bequest for the collection

1996 Mollie Burns - endowment fund

1996 Selby Old Foundation - endowment fund

1997 Sir John Proud - bequest for rare books

1999 Ethel May Richmond - bequest to the Library

2000 Maurice Saxby - children's literature collection

2001 Leslie Edward John Lillie - bequest for the collection

2002 Richard Hanly - bequest for the humanities

Friends of the University of Sydney Library

Graduates of the University through the Annual Appeal and the Williams Fund

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