The full text of page 1 reads:

"A verse of Lawson's written on the occasion of my departure for America and published by the 'Bulletin' (4th June, 1914) made me enjoy being myself for weeks.

I have his I.O.U. for fourpence (3d. for a beer in those days and a penny for the ferry). In my presence he gave it to a barmaid: who refused 2/- I could scarcely spare (?) for its ownership. Now people whisper I am niggardly .. and untruthful .. 'It's Lawson's I.O. HUGH orright. Barmaid be damned!

Will Lawson wrote a book on Henry after his death. I picked it up in A & R's and with hungry vanity searched for McCrae in the index found the page and read 'Henry loved Hugh McCrae'."