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The Holy Bible ... newly translated out of the original tongues
London : Robert Barker, 1611.

Image from Bible 1611

This, the most famous of English vernacular translations of the Bible, is also known as the King James Version, since the king summoned the Hampton Court conference at which it was first discussed and took an active part in the selection of the six companies of scholars who prepared it between 1607 and 1610. It was based on existing printed translations rather than on a study of the original manuscripts and although its title page bears the words "Appointed to be read in churches", no record exists of its Authorisation by King, Parliament, or Convocation.

The book has sometimes been described as "the only work of literature ever to be produced by a committee" and the beauty of its language led it to supersede all other English translations. As no new edition of the Bible was to be prepared until the Revised Version of 1881, this book has exerted an unrivalled influence on the minds and language of the English speaking peoples.

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