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Boyle, Robert (1627-1691)
The origine of formes and qualities : (according to the corpuscular philosophy) illustrated by considerations and experiments : (written formerly by way of notes upon an essay about nitre)
Oxford : Printed by H. Hall, ... for Ric. Davis, 1667.

Image of Boyle's Origine of formes and qualities

Boyle's Origine of Formes and Qualities contains his most important theoretical statement on the corpuscular philosophy. It includes the famous lock and key illustration as well as the first use of the term 'secondary qualities' in its modern sense. What is often overlooked is that the largest section of the book is taken up with the 'historical part', that is, experimental considerations which are brought to bear on the corpuscular hypothesis.

This second edition includes the very important 'Free Consideratons about Subordinate Forms'. It appeared one year after the first edition.

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