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Charron, Pierre (1541-1603)
De la sagesse.
Seconde edition reveuŽ et augmentee.
A Paris : Chez David Douceur Libraire, 1604.

Image of Charron's De la sagesse

Pierre Charron had been a lawyer and theologian before meeting Montaigne in 1589, after which time he devoted himself to developing Montaigne's philosophy. His De la Sagesse, first published in 1601, and in an extensively revised and re-written edition of 1604, was one of the most popular philosophy books of the early seventeenth century, and its scepticism and proto-libertinism caused a scandal. As an exploration of human subjectivity, much in De La Sagesse is derived from Montaigne, but it paved the way for an outburst of literature on the passions in seventeenth-century France.

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