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Cudworth, Ralph (1617-1688)
The true intellectual system of the universe : the first part, wherein all the reason and philosophy of atheism is confuted and its impossibility demonstrated.
London : Printed for R.Royston, 1678.

Image from Cudworth's True intellectual system

Ralph Cudworth's massive work The True Intellectual System of the Universe is one of the most important statements of the philosophy of the Cambridge Platonists. Completed in 1671, it is directed against 'all the Reason and Arguments of Atheism' and displays massive erudition and great philosophical depth. It is strongly influenced by neo-Platinist and Stoic thought arguing for a completely passive matter and a world soul which animates that matter. At times the arguments are repetitious and in spite of its importance it remains a difficult book to read. It is critical of Hobbes and sympathetic towards Cartesianism.

Image 2 from Cudworth's True intellectual system
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