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Evelyn, John (1620-1706)
Sylva, or A discourse of forest-trees, and the propagation of timber in His Majesties dominions ..
London : Printed for Jo. Martyn, and Ja. Allestry ..., 1670.
2nd ed. much inlarged [sic] and impoved

Image of Evelyn's Sylva

John Evelyn was a courtier, writer and virtuoso. He was actively involved in the early Royal Society and intimate with many leading natural philosophers and writers throughout his long life. His book Sylva, or a Discourse of Forest-Trees was the first to be published under the auspices of the Royal Society. It appeared in 1664 and shows a strong debt to Bacon's method of natural history. It was Evelyn's most popular work and was reissued a number of times in the seventeenth century. Of particular interest to readers was the annexed treatise on cider entitled 'Pomona'. This second editon of the book preceded the reworked edition of 1679, the preface of which contains a strong defence of the Royal Society.

Image 2 of Evelyn's Sylva
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