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Lavoisier, Antoine Laurent (1743-1794)
Traité élémentaire de chimie, présenté dans un ordre nouveau et d'après les découvertes modernes; avec figures: par m. Lavoisier ...
Paris, Cuchet, 1789.

Image from Lavoisier's Traite

Antoine Lavoisier's (1743-94) Traité was his crowning achievement giving a full exposition of his and his disciples achievement in chemistry. It opens with the famous 'Discours preliminaire' which outlines his views on methodology. Indeed the 'Discours' is the most widely read of Lavoisier's writings today. In the Traité Lavoisier included a table of substances simples which is a precursor to the Periodic Table. It is quite revealing as to the state of knowledge about material elements in his day. The thirteen copperplate engravings are the work of Lavoisier's wife who dedicated her life to assisting and promoting her husband's work.

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