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Locke, John (1632-1704)
A second letter concerning toleration : licensed, June 24. 1690.
London : Printed for A. and J. Churchill, 1690.

Image from Locke's Second letter concerning toleration

This Second Letter concerning Toleration has no author on the title page. It is signed 'Philanthropus', and was written by the philosopher John Locke. It is a response to the attack on A Letter concerning Toleration (1689, also anonymous, and by Locke) by Jonas Proast in his The Argument of the 'Letter concerning Toleration' Briefly Consider'd and Answer'd. In the first letter Locke had claimed 'Toleration to be the chief Characteristical Mark of the True Church'. His views on religious toleration continued to be the subject of controversy and he penned two more letters, the fourth of which was published posthumously.

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