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Machiavelli, Niccolò (1469-1527)
Tutte le opere … divise in V. parti, et di nuovo con sommo accuratezza rist'ampe.
[Roma?] : 1550.

Image from Machiavelli's Tutte le opere

Florentine diplomat, poet, playwrite, military and political theorist, Machiavelli is usually regarded as the first modern political theorist as well as a founder of theatrical satiric comedy. This rare edition of his works was published almost on the eve of a posthumous notoriety generated largely by religious polemic. During his lifetime, Machiavelli published only The Art of War (1521) which he regarded as his most significant work, and which Napoleon took on his military campaigns. But since its first printing in 1529, it is The Prince for which Machiavelli is best known. Works purporting to be in its idiom remain popular.

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