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Newton, Isaac, Sir (1642-1727)
Philosophiae naturalis principia mathematica.
Londini, jussi Societatus Regiae ac typis Josephi Streater; prostat apud plures bibliopolas, 1687.

Image from Newton's Philosophiae naturalis principia mathematica

Newton's Principia is without question the most important book on natural philosophy published in the early modern period. Indeed today it is still regarded as one of the greatest scientific achievements of all time. It presents a new dynamic mathematical physics which is able to account for the motions of celestial and terrestrial bodies. This copy is a rare annotated first edition. In the opinion of the renowned Newton scholar I. Bernard Cohen the bulk of the annotations are by the Scots mathematician John Craig. Of particular interest is the marginal comment which suggests that Craig may have influenced Newton's afterthought regarding the implications of Newton's views on the shape of bodies in resisting mediums for the building of ships.

Another image from Newton's Philosophiae naturalis principia mathematica
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