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Power, Henry (1623-1668)
Experimental philosophy, in three books : containing new experiments microscopical, mercurial, magnetical : with some deductions, and probable hypotheses, raised from them, in avouchment and illustration of the now famous atomical hypothesis.
London : Printed by T. Roycroft, for John Martin and James Allestry ..., 1664.

Image of Power's Experimental philosophy

Henry Power's Experimental Philosophy was the first work published in English on microscopy. It preceded Hooke's more famous Micrographia by one year. Power's work is important for what it reflects about the first vigorous phase of experimentation and observation carried out by the early Royal Society. It contains observations and experiments on air pressure related to those that made Boyle famous. It contains observations on the airs in mines, spontaneous generation and numerous other phenomena which were under discussion at the early Royal Society meetings. The book shows a strong and openly acknowledged debt to the natural philosphy of Descartes.

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