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Stillingfleet, Edward (1635-1699)
Origines sacrae, or, A rational account of the grounds of Christian faith, as to the truth and divine authority of the scriptures...
London : Printed by R.W.; for Henry Mortlock, 1662.

Image from Stillingfleet's Origines sacrae

Stillingfleet's Origines sacrae defends the authenticity and credibility of the Scriptures in three books. The first attacks the unreliability of the non-biblical ancient sources, the second, defends the reliability of the Bible and the third book spells out a cosmogony or history of the formation of the world. (Some later cosmogonies are found elsewhere in the exhibition.) The work was extremely popular going through a number of editions. The posthumous 1702 edition contains much new material which shows the strong influence of the natural philosopher Robert Boyle.

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