Demonology is the science or doctrine concerned with the study of demons. It can comprise such features as a classification of their hierachy, of theior powers and limitations, attributes, multiple names and derivations. It has also come to mean a branch of magic that deals with malaevolent spirits.

The word itself derives from the Greek daimon, meaning simply a supernatural spirit or power of an inferior sort, i.e., not a god. In the Christian tradition, there was only one category of supernatural beings inferior to God, namely the angels, who were divided between those who joined in Lucifer's rebellion (a third of the heavenly host, according to the Book of Revelation) and were condemned to Hell, and those who remained loyal to their Creator and stayed in Heaven. Thus “demon'' came to mean “fallen angel, an inhabitant of Hell”.

The relationship of demonology to witchraft was crucial. By addressing the devil, or by supplications to his demons, witches were admitting to their power and thus they were therefore committing heresy.

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Histoire des diables de Loudun...

AUBIN, Nicholas
Histoire des diables de Loudun, ou de la possession des religieuses Ursulines,et de la condemnation & du suplice d’Urbain Grandier, Cure de la meme ville
A Amsterdam: Aux depens de Etienne Roger, 1716

Traite historique des dieux...

BINET, Benjamin
Traite historique des dieux et des demons au paganisme
Delft: Andre Voorstadt, 1696

A pro-witchcraft work which sets out to refute the views of Balthasar Bekker. It strongly supports the continental view of witchcraft and the conduct of trials.

Dictionnaire infernal

COLLIN DE PLANCY, Jacques Albin Simon
Dictionnaire infernal: répertoire universel des êtres, des personnages, des livres …
Brussels: Chez tous les libraries, 1845

Collin de Plancy's celebrated dictionary was first published in 1818, and a second edition was issued in 1825 and the third in 1832. This edition added more than 250 new entries. A rare and uncommon reference book on the occult, this important work has never been translated into English. The book contains around 550 engravings with portraits of 72 demons.

Traite sur la magie...

DAUGIS, Antoine Louis
Traite sur la magie, le sortilage, les possessions, obsession et malefices…
Paris: Pierre Prault, 1732

This work arose from an edict by Louis XV concerning the treatment of sorcerers, magicians and other practitioners of the black arts. The inclination of the work is shown by the fact that the author cites Jean Bodin as an authority!


SINISTRARI, Lodovico Maria (1622-1701)
Demonality; or, incubi and succubi; a treatise.
Paris: Isidore Liseux, 1879

Comte de Gabalis...

VILLARS, Nicholas Pierre, Abbe de
Comte de Gabalis, ou, entretiens sur les sciences secretes ...
Amsterdam: chez Pierre De Coup, 1715

This work is most famous as the source used by Pope for his mock-heroic poem The Rape of the Lock. It was originally published in 1670 and purports to describe the spirits which the Rosicrucians or Illuminati can command to do their bidding. It is claimed that Villars was murdered by Rosicrucians a few years after the publication of this work.

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