Occult Phenomena

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An essay on the incubus or nightmare...

BOND, John
An essay on the incubus or nightmare...
London: Printed for D.Wilson and T.Durham, 1753

A treatise of specters...

A Treatise of specters, or, an history of apparitions, oracles, prophecies and predictions
London: Printed by John Streater, 1658

Bromhall was one of 17th-century England's most enthusiastic authors about spirits. In this work he compiles some of his most memorable stories and interesting ruminations about them.

The Phantom World

CALMET, Augustin
The Phantom World. The Philosophy of Spirits, Apparitions &c
London: Richard Bentley, 1850.
A true and faithful relation...

DEE, John
A true and faithfull relation of what passed for many years between Dr Dee and some spirits
New York: Magic Childe Publications, 1992.
An essay on the history and reality of apparitions...

DEFOE, Daniel
An essay on the history and reality of apparitions: being an account of what they are...
London: Ronberst, 1727

The political history of the devil

DEFOE, Daniel
The Political history of the devil. Containing his original. A State of his circumstances ... 3rd ed
Westminster: Printed for John Brinley et al, 1734

The secrets of the invisible world disclosed...

DEFOE, Daniel
The Secrets of the invisible world disclosed; or, an universal history of apparitions ... 3rd ed
London: J.Clarke, 1738.
A system of magick

DEFOE, Daniel
A System of magick; or, a history of the black art
London: printed and sold by J. Roberts in Warwick Lane, 1727
The anatomie of sorcerie...

MASON, James
The anatomie of sorcerie: wherein the wicked impietie of charmers, inchanters and such like, is discovered and confuted
Cambridge: Printed by John Leggatt, printer to the Universitie of Cambridge, 1612

An attempt to define what was meant by the term sorcery by an otherwise unknown English writer. This was the author’s only publication.

A new and complete illustration of the occult sciences

SIBLY, Ebenezer
A new and complete illustration of the occult sciences, or, The art of foretelling future events and contingencies ...
London : Printed for the author, and sold by Champante and Whitrow; and at the British Directory Office, [1792-1793]
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