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Catastrophe mundi

Catastrophe mundi, or, Europe’s many mutations until the year 1701: being an astrological treatise of the effects of the triple conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter 1682 and 1683, and of the comets 1680 and 1682, and other configurations concomitant. Wherein the fate of Europe for these next 20 years is (from the most rational grounds of art) more than probably conjectured
London: printed for the author, 1682.

Les vrayes centuries et propheties de maistre Michel Nostradamus: où se void representé tout ce qui s'est passé, tant en France, Espagne, Italie, Allemagne, Angleterre, qu'autres parties du monde. Reveües & corrigées suivant les premieres editions imprimées en Avignon en l'an 1558 & à Lyon en l'an 1558. Avec la vie de l'autheur.
A Paris: Chez Jean Ribou, 1669.
A brief description of the future history of Europe....

Grebner, Paul
A Brief description of the future history of Europe, from anno 1650 to an. 1710: treating principally of those grand and famous mutations yet expected in the world, as, the ruine of the Popish hierarchy, the final annihilation of the Turkish Empire, the conversion of the eastern and western Jews, and their restauration to their ancient inheritance in the holy Land, and the fifth monarchy of the universal reign of the Gospel of Christ upon earth. With principal passages upon every of these, out of that famous manuscript of Paul Grebner, extant in Trinity-College Library in Cambridge. Composed upon the occasion of the young king's arrival into Scotland, to shew what will in probability be the event of the present affairs in England and Scotland
[London]: printed in the year, 1650.

William Lilly

LILLY, William (ASHMOLE, Elias)
The Lives of those eminent antiquaries Elias Ashmole, esquire and Mr William Lilly, written by themselves: containing, first, William Lilly's History of his life and times ...
London: Printed for T. Davies, 1715

Monarchy or no monarchy in England: Grebner his prophecy concerning Charles son of Charles, his greatnesse, victories, conquests. The northern lyon, or lyon of the north, and chicken of the eagle discovered who they are, of what nation. English, Saxon, Scotish and Welch prophecies concerning England in particular, and all Europe in generall. Passages upon the life and death of the late King Charles. Aenigmaticall types of the future state and condition of England for many years to come
London: Printed for Humphrey Blunden, 1651

A true copy of Mother Shipton's last prophecy

SHIPTON, Mother (Ursula)
A true coppy of Mother Shiptons last prophesies: as they were taken from one Joane Waller, in the year of our Lord 1625. Who died in March last, 1641 being ninety foure yeares of age. Of whom Mother Shipton had prophesied that she would like to heare of wars within the kingdome but not to see them. Also predicting other wonderfull events that should befall in this climate and in these times. With two other strange prophesies thereunto annexed
London: Printed for T.V., [1648?]
The wonderful prophecies...

SHIPTON, Mother (Ursula)
The Wonderful prophecies of the famous Mother Shipton, the Yorkshire witch …
London: John Fairburn, 1810

The Rare Book Library copy is bound with: The revival of religion: a narrative of the state of religion at Wycliffe Chapel in 1839, by Andrew Reed (1840), and Nixon's prophecies : the original predictions of Robert Nixon, commonly called the Cheshire prophet (1825).

Catastrophe mundi

Catastrophe mundi: or, Merlin reviv'd, in a discourse of prophecies & predictions, and their remarkable accomplishment. With Mr. Lilly's hieroglyphicks exactly cut; and notes and observations thereon. As also a collection of all the antient (reputed) prophecies that are extant, touching the grand revolutions like to happen in these latter ages / by a learned pen
London: Printed and are to be sold by John How and Thomas Malthus, 1683
Starnge & remarkable prophecies...

Ussher, James, 1581-1656.
Strange and remarkable prophesies and predictions of the holy, learned, and excellent James Usher, late L. Arch-Bishop of Armagh, and Lord Primate of Ireland: giving an account of his foretelling I. The rebellion in Ireland forty years before it came to pass. II. The confusions and miseries of England, in Church and state. III. The death of King Charles the First. IV. His own poverty and want. V. The divisions in England in matters of religion. Lastly, of a great and terrible persecution which shall fall upon the reformed churches by the papists, wherein the then Pope should be chiefly concerned
London: Printed for R.G., 1678.
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