LILLY, William (ASHMOLE, Elias)
Monarchy or no monarchy in England: Grebner his prophecy concerning Charles son of Charles, his greatnesse, victories, conquests. The northern lyon, or lyon of the north, and chicken of the eagle discovered who they are, of what nation. English, Saxon, Scotish and Welch prophecies concerning England in particular, and all Europe in generall. Passages upon the life and death of the late King Charles. Aenigmaticall types of the future state and condition of England for many years to come.
London: Printed for Humphrey Blunden, 1651

William Lilly was the foremost English astrologer of 17th century England. Born May 1, 1602 in Diseworth, Leicestershire, he began studying astrology in 1632. In 1641 he began a professional practice. His career spanned the turbulent years of the English Civil Wars, Cromwell's Protectorate and the Restoration of Charles II. His almanacs and pamphlets had a tangible effect on public opinion; his clients included many of the leading political and military figures of an age when most people naturally believed that the stars and planets had a direct influence on human affair England. He is perhaps most famous for predicting the Great Fire of London in 1666.