Mother Shipton is regarded as England's most famous Prophetess. Born in 1488, she lived in the time of Henry VIII of England, predicting his victory over France in 1513 at the "Battle of the Spurs". She also prophesized the Dissolution of the Monasteries which led to the redistribution of the wealth and land held by the monasteries to the emerging middle class and the existing noble families; the Great Fire of London in 1666; the defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588; her own death in 1561; and the advent of modern technology.

Carriages without horses shall go. And accidents fill the world with woe. Around the world thoughts shall fly In the twinkling of an eye... Under water men shall walk, Shall ride shall sleep, shall talk; In the air men shall be seen In white, in black, and in green. Iron in the water shall float As easy as a wooden boat.

Since 1641 there have been more than 50 different editions of books about her and her prophecies.