Catastrophe mundi: or, Merlin reviv'd, in a discourse of prophecies & predictions, and their remarkable accomplishment. With Mr. Lilly's hieroglyphicks exactly cut; and notes and observations thereon. As also a collection of all the antient (reputed) prophecies that are extant, touching the grand revolutions like to happen in these latter ages / by a learned pen.
London: Printed and are to be sold by John How and Thomas Malthus, 1683

This is, in part, an English translation of Trithemius' De Septem Secundeis, an astrological history of the world, by the famous astrologer William Lilly. The book is divided into seven Ages, each age is ruled over by an angel and is made up of 354 years and four months. Trithemius uses planetary periods to delineate the history of the World from its beginning which he sets at March 15, 5205 B.C. The sequence used by Trithemius is Saturn, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Moon, Sun, which is the reverse sequence of the planetary days of the Week.