Early Witchcraft Texts

Early writers on witchcraft and demonology had, by 1550, evolved the concept of witchcraft as being a heresy because it involved a pact with the devil, and thus it had to be ruthlessly exterminated. Nearly all these early works were written in Latin but translations of these titles soon spread the concept to the general public. It is from these early works that many of the concepts which were to become familiar, such as the witches sabbath, were to emerge.

Surprisingly, the views they proposed were often resisted by the common people; the witchcraft persecutions were originally driven by the Church and its theologians, especially the Dominicans and there was a considerable degree of skepticism. It was only later, when these extreme views had been propounded for a number of years, that popular support for the witchcraft delusion was to grow.

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The Malleus Maleficarum

Malleus maleficarum...

INSTITORIS, Henricus & SPRENGER, Jacobus
Malleus maleficarum, maleficas, & earum haerisim, ut phramea potentissima conterens
Cologne: Excudebat Joannes Gymnicus, 1520
Malleus maleficarum...

INSTITORIS, Henricus & SPRENGER, Jacobus
Malleus maleficarum. Translated, with an introduction and notes by the Rev. Montague Summers
London: John Rodker, 1928
Tractatus de confessoribus maleficorum...

Tractatus de confessoribus maleficorum et sagarum, secundo recognitus, & auctior redditus….. quantanta fides ijs abhihenda sit
Augustae Trevirorum: Ex Officina Typographia Henrici Bock, 1605
De la demonomanie des sorciers

De la demonomanie des sorciers
A Anvers: Chez Arnould Coninx, 1586

  BOGUET, Henri (1550-1619)
An examen of witches: drawn from various trials of many of this sect ... edited by the Rev, Montague Summers
London: John Rodker, 1929
Disquisitionarum magicarum libri sex

DEL RIO, Martin Antoine
Disquisitionarum magicarum libri sex: quibus continentur accurata curiosum artium, et vanarum superstitionum confutatio
Coloniae Agrippinae: Sumptibus Hermani Demen, 1679

Tractatus de heretics...

Tractatus de hereticis et sortilegis, earumque poeni.
In Mallei maleficarum tractatus ...

Lyons: Claude Landry, 1620. pp.344-506.
A treatise of specters of strange sights...

LE LOYER, Pierre
A Treatise of specters or strange sights, visions and apparitions ... also of witches, sorcerers, enchanters and such like
London: Val. S[immes] for Matt. Lownes, 1605.
De Strigimagarum...

MAZZOLINI, Sylvestro
De Strigimagarum, daemonumque mirandis libri tres: una cum praxi exactissima, et ratione formendi processus cintra ipsas, a mendis innumeris quibusscantebant, in hac ultima impressione purgati, & indice locupletissimo illustrati
Rome : In aedibus populi Romani, 1575

NIDER, Johannes
Formicarius. In
Malleus Maleficarum, maleficas et earum haeresim framea contens, ex variis auctoribus compilatus
Lyons: Claude Bourgeat, 1669
Declamation contre l'erreur...

NODE, Pierre.
Declamation contre l'erreur execrable des maleficiers, sorciers, enchanteurs, magiciens, devins, & semblables observateurs des superstitions: esquelz pullulent maintenant couuertement en France: à ce que recherche, & punition d'iceux soit faicte, sur peine de rentrer en plus grands troubles que iamais
Paris: Jean du Carroy, 1578.
De Magica

PERERIUS, Valentinus
De Magica. De observatione somnorium, et de divinatione astrologica libri tres, adversus fallaces, et superstitiosas artes
Cologne: Joannes Gymnicus, 1598

REMY, Nicholas
Demonolatry... in three books. translated by E.Ashwin
London: John Rodker, 1930
  SPINA, Bartholomaeus (1475-1546)
Questio de strigibus ... apologia de lamiis contra Ponzinibium
Rome: In aedibus populi Romani, 1576.
Trois livres des charmes

VAIRO, Leonardo
(De Fascino libri tres) Trois livres des charmes, sorcelages ou enchantements…
Paris: Nicholas Cheaneau, 1583
Histoires disputes et discours... WIER, Jean
Histoires disputes et discours des illusions et impostures des diables, des magiciens infames, sorcieres et empoisonneurs…
Paris: Bureaux du Progrès Médical, 1885.
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