Witchcraft in England
The Eighteenth & Nineteenth Century

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An historical, physiological and theological treatise of spirits...

An historical, physiological and theological treatise of spirits, apparitions, witchcraftes, and other magical practices ...
London: Printed for D.Browne, 1705
A complete history of magick, sorcery and witchcraft...

BOULTON, Richard
A Complete history of magick, sorcery and witchcraft...
London: Printed for E. Curll ..., 1715-1716
The possibility and reality of magick...

BOULTON, Richard
The possibility and reality of magick, sorcery and witchcraft demonstrated …
London: printed for J.Roberts, near the Oxford Arms in Warwick Lane, 1722

Boulton’s reply to the attack on his earlier work by Francis Hutchinson.

Excerpta antiqua

Excerpta antiqua; or, A collection of original manuscripts ...
York, Printed by W. Blanchard, 1797.

A privately printed collection of rare tracts. Includes the Expence of burning a witch.

The Countrey justice
DALTON, Michael
The Countrey justice: containing the practice, duty and power of the Justices of the Peace ...
In the Savoy: Printed by E. and R. Nutt, and R. Gosling, 1727

Early English justice of the peace manual that went through numerous editions. First published in 1618, it passed through some 20 editions by 1746. After its 4th edition, it closely follows the work of Richard Bernard. This edition advises on matters including customs, highways, prisons, riots, soldiers, murder, felonies, ships, rogues and vagabonds, wool, witchcraft and high treason.


GRAINGE, William
Harrogate: R. Ackrill, 1822

An historical essay concerning witchcraft with observations upon matters of fact ...
London: R. Knaplock, 1718
Satan's invisible world discovered

Satan’s invisible world discovered. Detailing the particulars of Strange Pranks Played by the Devil, together with a Particular account of Several Apparitions, witches, and Invisible Spirits…
Edinburgh : T.G. Stevenson, 1871
The Wise Woman of Walkern
The Last English Witch
A full and imaprtial account of the discovery of sorcery...

[WENHAM, Jane]
BRAGGE, Francis (attrib.)
A Full and impartial account of the discovery of sorcery and witchcraft, practis’d by Jane Wenham of Walkerne in Hertfordshire, upon the bodies of Anne Thorne, Anne Street, & ... also her tryal ... where she was found guilty of felony and witchcraft, and receiv’d sentence of death for the same...
London: printed for E.Curll, 1712
A full confutation of witchcraft...

[WENHAM, Jane]
A Full confutation of witchcraft ; more particularly of the depositions against Jane Wenham, lately condemned for a witch ...
London: Printed for J. Baker, 1712
The Impossibility of witchcraft

[WENHAM, Jane]
The Impossibility of witchcraft: plainly proving from scripture and reason there never was a witch...
London: Printed and sold by J. Baker, 1712
Witchcraft farther display'd

[WENHAM, Jane]
Witchcraft farther display’d. Containing I. An account of the witchcraft practis’d by Jane Wenham of Walkerne, in Hertfordshire ... II. An answer to the most general objections against the being and power of witches
[London]: Edmund Curll, 1712

WRIGHT, Thomas
Narratives of sorcery and magic …
London: Richard Bentley, 1851
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