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The iResearch project concluded in 2012

Su Hanfling
Project Champion

Southnary Tan (2007-2010), Rebecca Goldsworthy
Project Coordinator

Technical Specialists

Rebecca Goldsworthy
Graphic designer

Rhonda Myers

Gaith Bader
Manager Online Services

David Wood

Erica Demian

Matthew Davis

Troy Mutton
Sound Specialist

Ben Johnson
Flash Developer

Chris Donovan
Web Developer

Gordon Kondo
Flash Developer

Praphan Iamsam-ang
Flash Developer

Mickey Chakma
Photo editor

Content Advisers ("Plagiarism and Academic Honesty")

Professor Bruce Sutton
Chair of the Academic Board

Associate Professor Gareth Denyer
Molecular and Microbial Biosciences
Faculty of Science

Content Adviser ("Scholarly vs non-scholarly resources")

Dr Susan Colmar
Lecturer, Faculty of Education and Social Work


Anne Goodfellow

Belinda Norman

Carina Tran

Caroline Regan

Charlotte Jarabak

Chloe Powell

Christine Van Eijk

Crystal Choi

Elizabeth Quilty

Erin Whitney

Fiona Berry

Fiona McCay

Glen Smyth

Gordon Hodges

Grant Wheeler

Helen Campbell

Isabelle Raisin

Jackie Luke

Jacquelyn Haas

Jen Hayes

Jeremy Cullis

Julie Price

Karen Black

Kate Masters

Kathy Thorncraft

Kanchana Ekanayake

Lajos Bordas

Lorraine Falconer

Matthew Davis

Michael Arndell

Michelle Harrison

Monica Cooper

Nancy Li

Nick Zografos

Nicolas Heath

Philippa Crosbie

Philippa Stevens

Sarah Graham

Sten Christensen

Sue Thomas

Tina Reedman

Tom Goodfellow

Troy Mutton

Performers (characters - photos and audio) - Staff

Associate Professor Gareth Denyer
Molecular and Microbial Biosciences
Faculty of Science

Amelia Carlin

Bruce Issacs

Cassandra Zielonko

David Wood

Marian De Saxe

Mary Wenholz

Matthew Davis

Megan O'Brien

Michael Arndell

Monica Cooper

Rebecca Meston

Tom Goodfellow

Trevor Sutco

Performers (characters - photos and audio) - Students

Andrew Wilson

Anastassia Yanatchkova

Ashraf Ahmad

Christy Cadle

Daniel Lim

Dhruv Nagrath

Elizabeth Haas

Emily Jones

Fiona Berry

Gordon Kondo

Jameela Truman

Joanne Wing Tung Lai

Maeve Curry

Maryanne Wright

Nicole D'Souza

Olivia Barlow

Poppy Burnett

Samantha Blacklaw

Samantha Tang

Sarah-Jane Cartwright

Shehan Nelson

So On On (Shirley)

Tamzyn Chapman

Vivienne Egan

Zachary Nicholson

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