Reading Lists for academic staff

Key dates

Semester 2, 2024

1 July, 2024 - Reading Lists submission deadline 

Preparing Reading Lists

Access the Reading List tool in Canvas

  • If a list for a unit has existed previously it will be rolled over and you can reuse it for the current semester. If you don’t want to use the rolled over list you can create a new list from scratch. Lists from the Sydney School of Law are not rolled over.
  • Lists are rolled over at the end of the previous semester, usually in the first week after exams have finished. You can then edit the Reading List as necessary. 

If you’d like help to complete your list, submit it via the online form.

Required or recommended items

In your list, you can tag items as “required” or “recommended”:

  • Required items can be ordered or digitised through the Library.
  • Recommended items are not automatically purchased by the Library, although digitisations can be completed within copyright limits.  

Ordering new items

To ask the Library to order new items, you can:

Digital resources are sourced first for equitable and sustainable access.

Allow about 6–8 weeks for new items to be received. Films that require licence negotiation may take longer.  

Pending items

Some items require additional tasks to be completed by Library staff before they can be made available for students. These tasks may include:

  • reviewing copyright
  • ordering new items
  • moving items to the Short Loan collection.

When the Library has completed these tasks, the item will then be available to view.

Contact us via the online form if you require further information about pending items. 


We manage the electronic copying limits, reporting and other requirements of the educational statutory licence contained in the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth) for readings used under that licence and made available through our service. Further information on copyright can be found via ServiceNow. 

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