Borrowing terms and conditions


There is a guaranteed 7 day borrowing period for General collection items. You may be able to keep an item up to 365 days subject to the following conditions:

  • The item is not recalled by another client.
  • You have a current University of Sydney enrolment or membership throughout the borrowing duration.
  • There are no fines or blocks on your borrowing record.

General collection items are:

  • not able to be renewed.
  • subject to being recalled, which will shorten the initial loan date.

Take care of borrowed items   

You are responsible for items on your Library account. 

  • Keep borrowed items in a safe place where they won’t be damaged by water, food or pets. 
  • Take care to avoid bending covers or tearing pages.
  • Don’t write or highlight in a borrowed book.

Overdue, lost or damaged items 

Ensure borrowed items are returned to the Library by the due date to avoid fines. Items that are overdue for 32 days or more, returned damaged, or unable to be located by the borrower will be marked as lost.  
For items that have a lost status, the following will occur until the item is returned, replaced or paid for:

  • A block will be placed on your Library account to prevent future borrowing. 
  • A $100 administration fee will be charged to your Library account. We don’t accept replacement copies.
  • Additional academic sanctions may be implemented if the matter is not resolved within 3 months. For example, being blocked from future enrolment and/or graduation.  

If a laptop from a laptop vending machine is damaged, please contact ICT to assess the damage for repair or replacement. 

  • The replacement fee for a lost or non-repairable laptop is $1,250.
  • The repair fee is $50.

Pay Library fines 

Administrative fees can be paid via your Library account.

Further borrowing conditions

Note the following exceptions to the above borrowing conditions.

In cases of clear or repeated breaches of borrowing terms and conditions, the Library reserves the right to restrict borrowing.