Frontiers of Science

The original Frontiers of Science strips ran from 1961 and were significant in communicating and popularising science. They were Australian, developed from the University of Sydney and produced and distributed by Press Feature Service. The series was co-written and produced by Professor Stuart Butler (School of Physics) and journalist and film-maker Bob Raymond. The early artwork in the series was by Andrea Bresciani, continued later by David Emersen.

There were 939 weekly episodes in total, with five strips (one for each weekday). All were about a particular topic. The strips were initially published in the Sydney Morning Herald and then syndicated to each of the capital city major dailies (except Adelaide). Within a few years they were available throughout USA and Canada as well as translated and published internationally through over 600 newspapers.

When Stuart Butler died in 1982, the production of Frontiers came to an end, but there was such a backlog of unpublished cartoons it continued to run in many parts of the world for years. 

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