How long you can loan items

Borrowing limits 

Type of item Amount of items Borrowing time
General Collection Unlimited  Minimum 7 day loan and maximum 365 day loan, recall conditions apply  
Short Loan  2 3 hours 

Borrow a Short Loan item overnight

You can borrow a Short Loan item overnight if you: 

  • borrow it within 3 hours of the information desk closing
  • bring it back within the first hour of the information desk opening the following day 
  • return it to the location that you borrowed it from. 


When an item is recalled, it has been requested by someone else and needs to be returned within 7 days.  

Things to remember about item recalls:  

  • All items can be recalled. 
  • You will receive an email notification with 7 days to return the item before it becomes overdue.
  • Take note of due dates through your Library account and monitor your email to avoid overdue items.  
  • If you are going away, it is good practice to return all items that won’t be able to be returned within 7 days.
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