Requesting items

Request a transfer from a different campus

You can request for a general collection item be transferred from the campus where it is held to a different campus for collection. 

Please note, items cannot be transferred between libraries on the same campus, only from one campus to a different campus. 

For example, if you are located on Camperdown/Darlington campus, you can’t request a book at SciTech to be transferred for pickup at Fisher, or any other Library location on the Camperdown/Darlington campus. Instead, you can visit SciTech Library to borrow/use the item.

Recall an item that is on loan

If a general collection item you want is on loan, or has an “on hold shelf” or “in transit” status, you can recall it.  
If on loan, this will notify the person who has borrowed it to return it.  
Once returned, we will put it on the holds shelf and notify you by email.

Request a storage item

You can request an item from storage to be sent to a Library for you to collect.

Request instructions

To request an item to be transferred or recalled: 

  1. Search the item in the Library catalogue  
  2. Click on the title of the item 
  3. Sign in if you haven’t already  
  4. Go to the heading “Borrow” and on the right-hand side click on a button in red titled “More options” 
  5. Choose where you want the item transited to in “Pickup location”  
  6. Press the “Send request button”  
  7. We will email you when the item is ready to collect

Items on hold

  • After you receive an email that your item is ready to collect, you can find it on the holds shelf near the library information desk. 
  • It will be kept there for you for seven days.

Request an article to be digitised

You can request a digital copy of a journal article. To request a digital copy:  

  1.  Sign in to your Library account  
  2.  Locate the item in Library catalogue
  3.  Click on the title of the journal 
  4.  Under “More options”, click on the location   
  5.  Click “Request a digital copy” 
  6.  Fill out the online form with as much information as possible
  7.  Tick to acknowledge the digitisation statement
  8.  Click “send digitisation request” 
  9.  The digital copy will be emailed to you when ready. 
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