CNC carving

About CNC carving 

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) carving is a precise manufacturing technique using computer-controlled machines to carve and shape materials (like wood, plastic or acrylics) based on a digital design. 

CNC carving provides consistent and accurate results, making it a popular choice for prototyping designs and creating personalised items.

Book CNC carving equipment

ThinkSpace is equipped with a CNC carving machine (Nomad 3) and software (Carbide Create). 

Booking equipment is free for staff and students. You just need to bring your material and enjoy carving. 

Nomad 3 Specifications

Materials that can be carved:

  • Plastic: ABS, Cast Acrylic, Corian, HDPE, PVC
  • Wood: Hardwood, Softwood, Bamboo, MDF

Maximum size of material: 

  • Width (X axis): 20 cm  
  • Length (Y axis): 20 cm
  • Height (Z axis): 7 cm
  • Depth of carve: 2cm
Nomad 3 CNC carving

How to use CNC carving technology

Our friendly Peer Learning Advisors (PLAs) will be available at ThinkSpace to help you throughout the CNC carving process.

1 Create and design

Ahead of your booking, use Carbide Create (free downloadable software) to design and create your model. 

Construct your design by importing STL files, vector files and images, and using primitive shapes. You can set toolpath types to tell the machine how to cut your design into the material.

2 Export the G-code file

Once you've completed the design, export your model as a G-code file. Save your G-code file on a USB.3. Import the G-code file

Bring your G-code file to your booking session. Import the file on Carbide Motion, a software installed on ThinkSpace devices that connects to Nomad 3 (Library’s CNC carver). 

3 Set up Nomad 3 and your material

Place your material (either plastic or wood) on Nomad 3. Initialise Nomad 3 by setting job zero. Close Nomad 3’s protective cover. 

4 Start carving

Start your carving job on Carbide Motion and enjoy watching Nomad carve your object. Carving jobs usually vary between 1 minute to 4 hours. Collect your object once the carving job is complete.

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    Talk to a Peer Learning Advisor to learn more about CNC carving.

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