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  •     Recent articles from Harvard Business Review are currently unavailable via Canvas.

        Some articles from Harvard Business Review can't be printed, saved or linked to

  • To access a specific article:

    1. Access Harvard Business Review via EBSCO

    Note: if you receive an "Error in HttpHandler" message after clicking on the EBSCOhost link, please close the page with the HttpHandler message and try the link again.

    2. Enter the title of the article into the second search box at the top of the page. In the following example we are looking for:

    Whitler, K. A. (2019). What Western marketers can learn from ChinaHarvard Business Review, 97(3), 74-82.

    An image of the article "What Western marketers can learn from China" where this title is being entered into the second search box on the page.

    3. Click on the Search button.

    4. From your search results page, click on the PDF Full Text link to access the article.

    An image showing that the PDF full text option is located to the bottom right of the article information

    HBR archive (vol. 1, 1922- )

    1. Access Business Source Ultimate

    2. Enter your search terms into the boxes at the top of the page:  

    An image showing how to enter search terms into the search boxes on the page

    3. Scroll down to the Publication search box and enter Harvard Business Review

    An image showing to enter "Harvard Business Review" into the search box

    Browse HBR back issues

    Browse by article date

    To view a list of HDR articles sorted by most recent to oldest, access Harvard Business Review via EBSCO and click Search without adding any further search terms. This will include digital articles – you can use the Publication filter to limit the results further.

    Browse individual issues

    1. Open Business Source Ultimate.  

    2. Click on the Publications tab at the top left of the screen.

    An image showing that the publications tab is the second from the left.

    3. Type Harvard Business Review into the Browse for box

    An image showing to enter "Harvard Business Review" into the search box

    4. Click on the Harvard Business Review title

    An image showing where to click to access Harvard Business Review

    HBR case studies

    Ordering case studies (Business academics)

    Harvard Publishing doesn’t allow academic libraries to purchase Harvard teaching cases. Academic staff can order Harvard case studies through the Business School.

    Other access options

    • Harvard Business Review

      Add case study to the second search box to access case studies published within the Harvard Business Review via EBSCO.


    Printing, saving and linking restrictions

    Some Harvard Business Review articles have restrictions that prevent you from printing, saving and/or linking to the article. To check if an article has any of these restrictions, you can see them listed at the end of each article. You may also see messages such as "The full text for selected articles from this publisher cannot be printed" or "The publisher offers limited access to this article. The full text cannot be printed or saved" when you first open the article.