Writing and publishing

Write up your review

Your write-up must:

  • report your findings
  • answer your review question
  • detail the decisions made and procedures followed that led to your findings.

To ensure your write-up is complete and transparent, use the PRISMA checklist.

Publish your review

Where you choose to publish has a huge effect on the visibility and impact of your systematic review.

Here are some tips for finding the right journals to publish your review:

  • Look at your reference list. Which journals do you regularly and consistently cite? Your work will likely be of interest to both the journal and its readers.
  • Check the aims and scope in the “information for authors” pages of each journal you’d like to publish in.
  • Use the following tools to generate journal suggestions based on your abstract:

Use the following tools to find rankings of journals in your field:

For more information about Open Access publishing, visit the Open Access page

Get help

  • For help with writing, contact your supervisor.
  • Enquiries about Open Access publishing can be directed to an Academic Liaison Librarian.
  • For information about depositing a copy of your publication into the University repository, contact Repository Support.
  • The Library runs workshops on strategic publishing. Check the What's on page to register.
  • Contact

    For help with planning and performing searches, speak with library staff.

    Contact a librarian