2. Add and edit items

Add items using the Library catalogue

Click the Add Items button (at the top right of the screen) and select Library Search from the options available.

Add items button in Reading List
Library search button in Reading List

Enter your keywords into the  Simple Search or  Advanced Search.

Click  Search
Scroll through the list of results.

Find your desired item, then choose the preferred section of your list and click  Add

If you want students to read a particular chapter of a book, choose  Add & Edit, then change the format type to book chapter and update the details.

Add button in Reading List

The item will now appear on your list. 

Students can access the item by clicking on the title. 

To move the order of items in your list, hover over the right-hand side of a particular item to reveal a blue bar then move it to your desired location.

Blu bar to move or drag citation in Reading List

Add items manually

If you can’t find an item in the Library catalogue, you can add it manually. You can also link to a website or upload a file of your own.  

Click the Add Items button (at the top right of the screen) and choose Blank Form  from the options available. 

Add items button in Reading List
Blank form button in Reading List

Add item details:

1. Select the type of item (e.g. book chapter, article, website) from the  Type drop-down menu. 
2. Complete fields such as Title, Author, Publisher, and Publication Date.
3. Paste the URL into the Source  field or drag your file into the upload space labelled  Click here to drag or upload a file.
4. Select  the section where you would like the item to appear.
5. Click  Add.

Add item details page in Reading List

Adding audiovisual materials to lists  


ClickView is an online video content resource that provides access to TV programs sourced from free-to-air TV and Foxtel. It can be used by academic staff to assign streaming content to students, including films, news, TV series and documentaries. 

To add videos from ClickView to your list, please see the attached pdf for instructions.

For instructions on how to use ClickView, watch this playlist of short video tutorials.


Kanopy is a streaming service that provides access to a streamed video for a 12-month period. Once this period has expired, the video will need to be requested again. You can do this via the online form.

Cite It!

Add external items to your list using the Cite It! tool. 
To add the Cite It! bookmarklet to your internet browser:

  1. Click your initials at the top right of your Reading List page.
  2. Select Cite It! from the drop-down menu.
  3. A pop-up window will open with instructions to be followed.  Note: For the Cite It! bookmarklet to work, pop-ups need to be enabled in your browser settings.  
Cite it button in Reading List

Edit items

You can add and edit details about an item as follows:

To edit item details, click the 3-dot ellipsis menu and select Edit item

Ellipsis and edit item button in Reading List

Here you can refine details about the item such as title, publisher, publication date, and page numbers.

Click Save when complete.

Add tags

Tags are pre-set by the Library and are used to identify actions for the student or the Library.

Click on the Add tags to item icon to see the selection of tags available.

Select the appropriate tag, (Required, Recommended, Digitise, Move to Short Loans, or Place a purchase request). 

Multiple tags can be selected. 

Add tags to items in Canvas

Tags with a mortarboard icon, Required and Recommended, are visible to students.

Tags with a book icon are visible to instructors and Library staff only. Book icon tags are only available for Required items.

These tags have the following functions:

  • Digitise: request a scan of a chapter or range of pages.
  • Move to Short Loans: request that a print book be moved to the Library's Short Loan section. 
  • Place a Purchase Request: request an item be purchased.

Add a note

Add a public note to an item on your list.

To create a note for an item, click on the item title to open the item screen. 
At the bottom of the item screen click Add public note.

Add public note button in Reading List

Once you have saved a public note, it will be visible for students to see. 

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