1. Create or find a list

Find the Reading List tool in Canvas

Log in to Canvas and go to your unit of study's Canvas site. In the navigation panel on the left side of the screen select Reading List.

Add collaborators 

Before you can edit a list, you need to be added as a collaborator in the Reading List tool. Use the  online form to request to be added. 

If you are already a collaborator on the list and would like to add another colleague as a collaborator, go to the right-hand column of your Reading List page. Click Collaborators under Make this list better.

Choose  Manage collaborators, search for the person you’d like to add, then Send invitation.

Create a new list 

In the top left corner of the Reading List tool in Canvas, click on the main menu and click on Lists.

Then in the top right corner click on New List.

Add a Title and a Description (optional) to your list and click  Create. 

Select a template for your list.

Select a template page

To associate your list with your course, click on the 3-dot ellipsis at the top right of the screen. 

Select Manage course association and search for your course. 

Click Associate & Close to save your changes.  

Manage course association button in Reading List

Create and move sections  

If you want to create a new section within your list, choose New Section, give it a meaningful title for your students, then click Create

To change the order of your sections, minimise all the sections first by clicking on the arrow next to the section titles.  

Then click on the blue bar on the right-hand side and move the section to your desired location. 

Next steps

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3. Finalise

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    For help using the Reading List tool in Canvas contact the Library’s unit of study team. 

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