3. Finalise your list

Send your list to the Library

All lists need to be sent to the Library for review. Once sent, each pending item will be processed.

Click on the Library Review button to send your list to the Library.

Library review button in Reading List

Publish your list

Lists are only visible to students when they are published. 

To publish your list, click the ellipsis (at the top right of the screen) and select Publish.

Publish button in Reading List

Select Course students and Confirm. The status of the list will then change from Draft to Published.

Publish list to course students confirm button in Reading List
To unpublish your list, click the ellipsis (at the top right of the screen) and select Unpublish.

Share a link to an item, section or list 

To create a link to an item, section or entire list, follow these steps:

Click the ellipsis menu alongside the item, section or list you want to share and select Create a shareable link.

Copy the link to your clipboard.

Create a shareable link button in Canvas


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