Library etiquette


You are free to have non-alcoholic drinks in our libraries but must keep them away from computers and electrical equipment.


Meals (e.g. from home or USU food outlets) must be eaten in student kitchenettes where available (Fisher, SciTech, and Law). Meals cannot be consumed in general library spaces or group study rooms. USU provides additional dining services and seating across the University.

Food Delivery

Food delivery is not permitted at any Library location.

Please be considerate of fellow students. Dispose of any rubbish in the bins provided and leave the space clean and tidy.

For more information, please read our governance policy. The Library reserves the right to exercise variations to this guideline. 

Silent zones 

Silent zones are your place to get work done. These zones are marked with blue and white 'Silent' banners. They are for silent individual study only. 

When studying in the Silent zone, be considerate of other users of the space by:

  • keeping talk at a low volume
  • keeping phones on silent and not having phone conversations
  • being mindful not to disturb others.

If someone is making noise and disturbing you, please let them know respectfully. They may be unaware of the impact they're having.

Please let staff know if a persistent noise or issue is disturbing your study.

If you need to chat with friends, go to the non-silent areas anywhere else in the Library.

Booking study spaces 

There are any number of spaces for you to work in a group or with friends. You can book a desk or meeting room for your next study session.


All Library spaces have computers that can be logged into using your UniKey. If you don't need a computer, please use a study desk instead so you do not inconvenience others who require computer access.

All student computers will log out after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Dock your own device

Some libraries have computer monitors where you can dock your own device to give you a second screen. You can plug in your device using the available cables.

Your belongings and safety 

In all study spaces, make sure that your valuable belongings are not left unattended. If you have left something behind see our friendly Library staff or Protective Services.  

Protective Services patrol the University Campus 24 hours a day. If you're feeling unsafe on campus or are concerned for the safety of others, call Protective Services on 02 9351 3333, 24 hours a day. Protective Services officers can assist by escorting you from a building to your vehicle, to the local bus stop or to the local railway station.

Break up your study sessions

When studying, remember to take regular breaks to refresh and re-energise. Take a break for up to 30 minutes by using a BRB card so you don't lose your desk. 

Get a BRB card from our information desks, write the time you leave for your break and place it on the desk, so everyone knows when you'll be returning. Always take your valuables with you. 

If your belongings are left unattended, and you have not returned within 30 minutes, other students can carefully move them to one side to use the desk.

Smoking and Vaping

Smoking and vaping are banned on all University of Sydney campuses, except for within designated areas.

You can find the closest designated smoking area to you on the University Campus Maps by selecting ‘smoking areas’ under 'amenities'

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